Yellowstone access schedule for users: Planning your summer

May 30, 2012

Although Bluefire's decommissioning has been postponed until at least Sept. 30, 2012, CISL recognizes that the overlap between Bluefire and Yellowstone will be short, with Yellowstone's acceptance currently slated for the beginning of August.

While Yellowstone's priority in August and September will be supporting the university and NCAR Accelerated Scientific Discovery (ASD) projects, about 4% of the resource will be available to the rest of the user community. (For comparison, 4% of Yellowstone is expected to provide approximately the computational capacity of the entire Bluefire system.)

During August, as soon as practical after Yellowstone has been accepted and the ASD projects have gotten under way, CISL will be extending access to the rest of the user community. In August and September, non-ASD work will run at lower priority, so users should plan accordingly and focus on porting, testing and smaller-scale preparatory work.

Starting in October, the Yellowstone resource will become more generally available to all users as the ASD projects ramp down.

Delays in Yellowstone's being accepted may cause us to revisit this access schedule (and potentially Bluefire's decommissioning date).