The Daily Bulletin

Yellowstone users can now run a new myorphans command or check this new table on the CISL site to see if they, their colleagues, or their students have orphaned files on the High Performance Storage System (HPSS).

Files in HPSS are considered orphaned when they are no longer associated with an active project that can be charged. This may occur if a project expires or is otherwise closed. Files also may be orphaned when a student user leaves.

See Orphaned and abandoned data for how long orphaned files are retained and what to do with any that belong to you.

CISL is providing users of Yellowstone and GLADE a chance to provide feedback on a proposed plan to ensure that sufficient space in GLADE scratch remains available. Anyone with comments, suggestions, or alternatives should send them to by March 31, 2015.

Yellowstone use has reached a point at which we do not expect to see major decreases in the amount of data being stored in the scratch file system. Since our December request that users remove unnecessary files, GLADE scratch has hovered around 85% full.

We propose that, if the scratch space reaches the 90% full mark again, CISL will take steps to reduce the file retention period from 90 to 75 days. Should that reduction become necessary, we will announce a two-week countdown to its implementation.

To maintain the 90-day retention period, we encourage users to evaluate their scratch holdings regularly and remove unnecessary files, and to use project spaces as an alternative, when appropriate. See Project space for more information.

This year's conference and tutorials are being held at NCAR Foothills Laboratory April 13 - 17, 2015 in Boulder, CO and will focus on Python in Scientific Computing.
The program for the plenary talks and tutorials can be found by visiting: and registration will be handled through the conference website:

Early Bird Registration fee of $175.00 ends on March 31, 2015, so register soon!
Thereafter, the registration fee will be $200.00. Please disseminate this information to all who may be interested.

We hope to see you there!