The Daily Bulletin

December 6, 2018

A video recording and text from the November 29 NCAR/CISL tutorial on using the Globus command line interface (CLI) are now available, along with new script examples, on the CISL web site. The CLI enables programmatic access to NCAR and external data endpoints, including the new NCAR Campaign Storage system.

See the Globus CLI tutorial page to review the presentation and other materials. Topics covered include:

  • Initiating, monitoring, and modifying transfers between endpoints

  • Incorporating CLI commands into data mover scripts

  • Best practices for creating Globus workflows at NCAR

  • Strategies for using Campaign Storage

NCAR labs’ storage managers and project leads at universities that have Campaign Storage allocations can provide information about use of those storage spaces. Users can also contact for assistance with new workflows and using Globus.

December 6, 2018

CISL system administrators were able to install a new version of PBS during an unscheduled Cheyenne outage on Tuesday, December 4, so no Cheyenne downtime is needed during the maintenance period scheduled for December 11. Other system maintenance remains scheduled for December 11 as follows.

CISL staff will update several key data analysis and visualization system components and the Campaign Storage file system beginning at 9:30 a.m. MST. The maintenance will affect the availability of the Casper, Geyser, and Caldera clusters and file transfers to Campaign Storage. The GLADE file system is expected to remain available throughout the day.

Maintenance on Casper, Geyser, and Caldera is expected to take until 12 noon MST. The work will include installing a new version of the SLURM resource scheduler. These clusters will not be accessible during the maintenance window. Also note:

  • All running jobs, interactive processes, and login sessions will be terminated when maintenance begins.

  • Jobs that are queued for execution or in a hold state will remain in those states until Casper, Geyser, and Caldera are returned to service.

Maintenance on the Campaign Storage file system is expected to take until 5 p.m. MST. Globus transfers will be suspended for the duration of the maintenance but will resume when the work is completed.

December 5, 2018

Users who previously logged in to the Systems Accounting Manager (SAM) with a YubiKey token now need to log in with either a CIT password or Duo two-factor authentication. Any users who do not have a CIT password or Duo can request either by contacting the CISL Help Desk at 303-497-2400 or