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No Downtime: Yellowstone, Cheyenne, HPSS , Geyser_Caldera, GLADE

Where and how to start jobs on the Cheyenne and Yellowstone HPC systems and the Geyser and Caldera clusters have been common questions as more and more users begin working on Cheyenne.

The short answer is to log in to Cheyenne to run jobs on Cheyenne, and log in to Yellowstone to submit jobs to run on Yellowstone, Geyser, or Caldera.  The separate logins are necessary because the systems have different job schedulers and operating systems.

We are working to provide a more streamlined solution for Cheyenne users to run data analysis tasks on Geyser and Caldera. Users who need to transfer existing, automated workflows to Cheyenne should contact to discuss options.

See these CISL web pages for detailed documentation:

Registration is now open for this summer’s free ACI-REF Virtual Residency Workshop on “How to Be a More Effective Research Computing Facilitator.” Participants can attend remotely via videoconference or in person at the University of Oklahoma from Sunday, July 30, to Saturday, August 5.

The workshop is intended for those who want to be more effective at helping researchers and educators use research cyberinfrastructure. Participants are expected to give a five-minute presentation on a project that they intend to carry out at their home institution after the workshop ends. They also are asked to participate in a second summer workshop and in Virtual Residency conference calls during the next two academic years. See the application form for more information.

Cheyenne’s economy queue is being enabled for a limited time to encourage greater use of the system. Jobs using the economy queue will be charged a discounted rate of 30% compared to the regular queue.  

Jobs submitted to the regular and economy queues will have the same priority due to the current PBS Pro configuration, so all users are encouraged to use the economy queue while it is available. Its availability will be re-evaluated as Cheyenne’s usage increases.

For more information on Cheyenne’s queues see Job-submission queues and charges.