Updated: Improvements made to Python NCAR Package Library interface

November 6, 2019

CISL has released a significant update to the NCAR Package Library (NPL) interface to improve tracking and integration with personal NPL clones. In the new version, you no longer need to have a Python module loaded to access ncar_pylib – simply loading the ncarenv module will give you access to that script. If you then load a Python module, the NPL versions included in the module will become accessible.

Additionally, ncar_pylib can track and activate any new personal clones you create. These clones will be listed alongside any system NPL versions you can access. The ncar_pylib script will record which system you used to create the clone (Cheyenne or Casper) and will only allow you to load a clone on the proper system in order to avoid OS-compatibility errors. See the updated Python documentation page for more information.

Addition: The documentation page has now been updated to include a new section addressing the use of ncar_pylib in batch jobs.