Reminder: Cheyenne OS update planned for June 24 - July 1

June 10, 2019

A major Cheyenne operating system (OS) update is scheduled to begin Monday, June 24, and is expected to be completed by Monday, July 1. The Cheyenne cluster will be unavailable during the update, including the system’s login nodes and all cron services. However, users will be able to access the Casper cluster, GLADE file system, and HPSS through the recently deployed Casper login nodes.

The Cheyenne OS will be updated from SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) Service Pack 1 to SLES Service Pack 4. The update is required to bring the system up to current security and support levels and is expected to be the last operating system upgrade in Cheyenne’s lifetime.

Most users’ programs and executables will need to be rebuilt following the update, as many system libraries will change. Most scripts should not require modifications but users should test their commonly used scripts thoroughly after Cheyenne is returned to service.

The routine monthly maintenance times that were scheduled for July 2, August 6, and September 3 have been canceled.