Reminder: Changes to /glade/scratch scheduled for Tuesday, August 21

August 15, 2018

Updated 8/15/2018 - A number of the previously announced changes to the GLADE file system are scheduled for Tuesday, August 21. First, /glade/scratch will be moved to /glade/scratch_old and become read-only. The purge policy for files in that space will be 30 days. The /glade/scratch_old space will be removed from the system on October 2.

Also, the new and larger /glade/scratch_new (implemented on July 10) will be renamed to /glade/scratch. The 60-day purge policy for this space will remain in place.

To prepare for the renaming of the file spaces, users are encouraged to begin using the new scratch space as soon as possible and where it is practical to do so.  For example, files remaining on the old scratch space should be moved to the new scratch space.

Aug 21/glade/scratch -> /glade/scratch_oldBecomes read-only
30-day purge policy
Aug 21/glade/scratch_new -> /glade/scratchRetains 60-day purge policy
Oct 2/glade/scratch_old will be removed