Premium and standby batch queues now available on Cheyenne

January 5, 2018

Two new Cheyenne batch queues, premium and standby, are now available to users. The queues are very similar to the Yellowstone queues with the same names.

Jobs submitted to the premium queue are dispatched for execution at a higher priority than other queues available to most users and will be charged at 1.5 times the rate of jobs in the regular queue.

Running jobs in the standby queue is allowed only for exhausted Cheyenne project allocations. Jobs submitted to other queues when an allocation is exhausted are rejected and the user is notified to resubmit the job to the standby queue. Those jobs are dispatched at the lowest priority level and do not incur charges.

Please see Job-submission queues and charges for more complete information on Cheyenne’s batch queues.