POSTPONED: New MATLAB version to be released on Cheyenne and Casper

April 4, 2019

This planned update has been postponed.

The newest version of MATLAB – R2019a – will be released on both Cheyenne and Casper this Thursday, April 4, at noon MDT. At that time the default version of MATLAB will be switched from R2016b to R2019a on both systems. MATLAB versions R2015b, R2016b, and R2018a will remain available after the update.

The update will require a restart of the license server, which is expected to take less than 60 minutes. The license server also manages the Intel and PGI compilers and IDL software. During the license server restart period users will not be able to access new instances of those licenses. Batch jobs and interactive processes that are already running when the update begins are not expected to be affected.