New software installs and default module environment

June 8, 2020

New versions of major compiler and MPI libraries have been installed on both Cheyenne and Casper. These installations include Intel 19.1.1 (the 2020 release of the Parallel Studio), PGI 20.4, and GCC 10.1.0, as well as MPT MPI 2.22 and Open MPI 4.0.3. We have also installed Python 3.7.5 and have built new NCAR Package Library virtual environments.

On Monday, June 15, we will upgrade the default module environment to the following modules:

  • ncarenv/1.3
  • intel/19.0.5
  • ncarcompilers/0.5.0
  • netcdf/4.7.3
  • mpt/2.22 (Cheyenne), openmpi/4.0.3 (Casper)

Default versions of PGI, GCC, and Python will be upgraded to 19.9, 9.1.0, and 3.7.5 respectively. The default CUDA version on Casper will be set to 10.1. Older versions of these software installations will remain available, but CISL recommends migrating to newer versions at your earliest convenience.