New NCAR Directorate structure and leadership searches

December 18, 2019

NCAR Director Everette Joseph announced on December 9 that he has finalized a new structure for the NCAR Directorate. The Directorate changes are to align the resources to more effectively support the needs of staff and implement the new NCAR Strategic Plan. The plan, which is on target to be completed this month, has taken the better part of this year to develop, including gathering extensive input and feedback from NCAR staff, the community, and NSF. 

Scott McIntosh, former HAO Director, has been made permanent in the Directorate after serving for the past year in an interim role. Scott is now Deputy Director of Administration and Strategic Implementation. Along with Scott’s position, the position of Deputy Director for Science and Strategic Planning is being created in the Directorate. This role has been filled by Chris Davis for the past year. Each of these Deputy Director positions will be supported by a newly added position, an Assistant Deputy Director. 

NCAR is also launching searches for three lab leaders: Director of the High Altitude Observatory (HAO), Director of the Mesoscale & Microscale Meteorology Laboratory (MMM), and the Director of the Atmospheric Chemistry Observations & Modeling Laboratory (ACOM).

Chris Davis, who has been instrumental in advising Everette on key scientific and programmatic initiatives this past year, has decided to focus back on his science. After nearly five years of leading the Mesoscale & Microscale Meteorology Laboratory, Chris is stepping down as Associate Director. He is slated to become the next chair of the World Weather Research Programme Scientific Steering Committee beginning next summer.

The opening of the ACOM Associate Director position coincides with the launch of an exciting initiative with NSF to revitalize our atmospheric chemistry and observations work at NCAR. Guy Brasseur, who has served as Interim Director of ACOM since March 2018, has kept ACOM on a steady course and prepared it for this revitalization effort.

If you are interested in nominating, applying for, or sharing our upcoming leadership openings, please keep an eye on this webpage, where we will be posting all the up-to-date information.