New GLADE scratch space now available

July 10, 2018

A new, larger GLADE scratch space is now available for immediate use as /glade/scratch_new/. The new space is built with the latest version of GPFS 5, providing more efficient use of the available storage and improved I/O performance. Users are encouraged to move their existing /glade/scratch files to the new space as soon as possible. As with the new /glade/p file space, users should take note of the changes for their impact on workflows and scripts.

Here are the key changes to be aware of:

  • The present /glade/scratch/ spaces will remain read/write for a period of 30 days.

  • In 30 days the present /glade/scratch/ spaces will be renamed /glade/scratch_old/ and will become read-only. The purge policy for files in /glade/scratch_old/ will be reduced to 30 days.

  • Also in 30 days, /glade/scratch_new will be renamed /glade/scratch.

  • Each user’s current scratch quotas will be preserved in the new scratch space.

  • Effective immediately, all requests for increases to scratch quotas will be made to the new scratch space.

  • /glade/scratch_old will be removed from the system in approximately 60 days, in early September.

CISL recommends using Globus as the most efficient way to transfer files across file systems. Globus monitors progress and automatically validates correctness of each file transfer. Users are asked to remove files from /glade/scratch_old/ once their transfers are complete.