Monitor projects, set Yellowstone preferences via SAM

December 7, 2012

Along with the arrival of Yellowstone, CISL has deployed the new System Accounting Manager (SAM) application for managing allocations, user preferences, and accounting for resource use.

You can visit SAM at and log in with your UCAR token or password.

Select User -> Preferences to view and set your primary group across CISL resources, your default project for HPSS, and your preferred login shell.

Select Reports -> Account Statement to view project information, allocations, and resource activity, including job-level details. Yellowstone and Janus use is reported daily; weekly HPSS usage will begin appearing soon.

SAM is very much a work in progress. CISL is actively working on expanding the reporting features, including 30/90 day reporting, and improve the user interface. If you encounter any errors or if you have any feedback and feature requests, please send them to