Mid-October Yellowstone and Bluefire access schedule update

October 19, 2012

Work on Yellowstone has progressed to the point that we can provide reasonably solid schedules for access to Yellowstone and the decommissioning of Bluefire.

Yellowstone was officially accepted by CISL from IBM on September 30. An initial run of the High-Performance Linpack (HPL) benchmark shows that the system can sustain more than 1.2 petaflops.

IBM and CISL are continuing to work at addressing a number of issues to make the system production ready. Selected early users from the Accelerated Scientific Discovery (ASD) projects and NCAR were given access to Yellowstone on October 8. Their feedback and experiences are helping CISL and IBM improve the user experience in the next two weeks and prepare the system for the full user community.

Looking ahead, users should keep in mind the following key dates:

* October 22 (week of): ASD teams will officially begin their proposed activities.

* November 1: Access will be granted to the full user community. Keep in mind that ASD teams will have priority in the queues for the first two months.

* December 31: At the present time, we anticipate keeping Bluefire running through the end of the calendar year.

* Early 2013: Following the decommissioning of Bluefire, the Mirage cluster and GLADE disk system at the Mesa Lab will remain available for a short period so users can migrate files on disk to the new GLADE system at NWSC.

As always, these dates may change if critical situations arise. However, based on early users experiences, we are confident that we will be able to hold closely to this schedule.