Love Your Data (LYD) Week - Day 5 of 5: We are data

February 16, 2018

All research projects are undertaken with the hope to produce findings and products of lasting value. It is often unthinkable to consider that someone could forget the details relating to a project, especially how the results are produced. However, the state of becoming an “unloved data set” is often reached unintentionally over time. Specifically, if the research projects lose sight of data management actions, research results and products could be at risk of becoming forgotten or “unloved” when the team moves on to new projects.

The Data Stewardship Engineering Team (DSET) is a cross-organizational team formed by the NCAR Directors. DSET’s charter specifies that the DSET leads the organization’s efforts to provide enhanced, comprehensive digital data discovery and access, and the team is focused on providing a user-focused, integrated system for the discovery and access of digital scientific assets.

The DSET and the DASH services are here to help in promoting NCAR’s scientific results and allow them to be used, so that they would be valued for the long term.

If you would like to learn more about DSET/DASH and its services after the LYD week, please contact us at

Thank you for participating in Love Your Data Week by reading this and the previous four posts. If you have missed any of the five posts during this week, they are available in Staff Notes as well as the Daily Bulletin archive, or please feel welcome to contact the Data Curation & Stewardship Coordinator.