Love Your Data (LYD) Week - Day 3 of 5: Telling stories with data

February 1, 2018

Data stories could be told by anyone who could understand and work with data, and the stories could be about any issues that are pertinent to the storyteller. The diversity of the data being used by the broad range of data users is a key factor that makes data stories engaging.

It is important to note that a storyteller is also a data user, and to be a data user, data must be shared and made accessible first. The more types of data that are made available, the higher the possibility that someone can create a compelling story by using data.

The DASH Search system from the Digital Asset Services Hub (DASH) is NCAR’s new metadata registry that facilitates the discovery, identification, and understanding of the research products and output from NCAR labs via a centralized system. The DASH Search system uses the NCAR Dialect to describe and record the resources that are available from NCAR. Once the metadata records of the available resource are submitted to the DASH Search, a potential user could effectively and efficiently locate the desired data using the information in the metadata records. Continuing to increase the access of NCAR’s data via the DASH Search system will help in communicating our science to our community and beyond, including through data stories.

To learn more about DASH Search, please visit or if you would like to submit a metadata record of your data to DASH Search, please contact us at

Day 4’s post will discuss “Connected conversations.”