Love Your Data (LYD) Week - Day 2 of 5: Stories about data

February 1, 2018

Before using data to tell a story, the data should be evaluated for its quality. Although data quality can be difficult to measure, quality attributes of the data, including completeness, accuracy, credibility, and consistency, are key for building a trustworthy story. Without high-quality data, readers could easily lose confidence in the story, or worse yet, quickly deem the story and its data as hearsay.

In order to achieve high- quality data and mitigate the chance for the data to be misused, it is critical to also have high-quality documentation or metadata for the data. At NCAR, the NCAR Dialect is the designated metadata standard used by the Digital Asset Services Hub (DASH) services, including the DASH Search system. The NCAR Dialect is a customized metadata schema that is designed based on international metadata standards for scientific data. The NCAR Dialect is capable of recording in-depth descriptions to assist with data understandability as well as capturing information that is essential for identification and discovery of the assets. The DASH Search Request to Submit Form demonstrates the elements that are included in the NCAR Dialect.

To learn more about the NCAR Dialect or if you would like to submit a metadata record of your data to DASH Search, please contact us at

Coming up for Day 3 is a post on “Telling Stories with Data.”