GLADE project space purge policy enforcement postponed

September 18, 2019

Previously announced plans to phase in CISL’s project space purge policy beginning October 1 have been postponed indefinitely. Moving forward, rather than purge files from the /glade/p spaces, NCAR labs and university projects will be responsible for managing their own project spaces and storage allocations. 

To aid users and storage managers, CISL now generates weekly usage reports for each NCAR lab and university subdirectory in /glade/p. The reports provide a summary of when files were last accessed, how much space is used, and details for the top 25 users. The files are named access_report.txt and can be found in:

  • /glade/p/lab_name/group_name/

  • /glade/p/univ/project_code/

  • /glade/p/uwyo/project_code/

CISL support staff will also be regularly reviewing these access reports to identify projects who are using project space to store files for long periods and may be better served with a Campaign Storage allocation.

CISL is developing additional data management tools, including utilities to help users manage their data holdings. The first of these tools will be released to NCAR labs’ data managers for testing later this month and made available to all users shortly thereafter.