Geyser and Caldera users urged to prepare for June 19 operating system update

June 18, 2018

Geyser and Caldera users should be preparing for the June 19 operating system update to CentOS 7 so their executables and job scripts are ready to run. Several nodes on these systems have already been updated to enable testing and porting of users’ applications and workflows to the CentOS 7 environment. Documentation for how to do this is available here.

As announced recently, users will need to recompile their executables to run on Geyser and Caldera under CentOS 7. Job scripts also may need to be updated to run in the new environment as version numbers of most software on the systems will be different. To facilitate the transition, CISL staff have installed new versions of compilers, MPI and NetCDF libraries, and scripting languages including MATLAB and IDL.

All of Geyser and Caldera will be upgraded to CentOS 7 on Tuesday, June 19. Users are encouraged to begin testing on the new operating system as soon as possible and to contact with any questions or problems. CISL will make every effort to resolve issues reported by the close of business on Friday, June 15. Issues reported after that may not be addressed until after the systems are returned to service.