Functional changes to PBS qstat command

March 13, 2018

The PBS qstat command will be modified during this week's maintenance outage. When Cheyenne is returned to service late this week users will be able to query only for information about their own jobs and not jobs submitted by other users. The reason for this change is to reduce demands on the PBS server, which has frequently been overloaded, resulting in poor system performance and job failures. User should be aware that this change may affect some existing scripts and workflow managers.

CISL learned recently that some users’ scripts were issuing multiple qstat commands, which can be highly resource intensive, every minute or every second. Limiting qstat to return information only for jobs belonging to the user will significantly reduce demands on the system. Before this change, the command’s default behavior was to return information on all jobs in the PBS database.

Users can further help reduce demands on the system by adopting the following changes wherever possible:

  • Use “qstat <jobid>” instead of just “qstat”

  • Avoid using “qstat -f -x”

  • Limit the number and frequency of qstat commands. Multiple calls every minute provides little extra information and adversely affects overall system performance.

CISL thanks all users for their cooperation. Please contact if you have any questions or would like help in this matter.