Full qstat listings to be made available again

August 29, 2019

CISL will be releasing a new version of the PBS Pro qstat command that is designed to give HPC users more information about job status while putting less strain on the job scheduler and workload manager. The fully functioning qstat command was disabled in 2018 because its heavy use adversely affected overall system performance. The reduced resource requirements of the new version allow us to provide complete job listings again, although users can still limit the command’s output by specifying a job ID or their username.

Information from the PBS server is cached every minute, so listings will be updated at least every minute. Using the -f option to get a full listing still queries the PBS scheduler, so CISL asks that users run such full-listing operations sparingly. Run qstat -h to see all supported options.

The new version of qstat will be released on Wednesday, September 4, and it will be available in Cheyenne’s default user environment – that is, when the ncarenv module is loaded. It will also be available on Casper, unlike other PBS commands.