Fortran ftools suite installed on Cheyenne system

August 29, 2017

The ftools suite of Fortran tools—a set of utilities that support a range of needs for handling legacy code and interoperability with C—has been installed on the Cheyenne supercomputing cluster. Addition of the tools was announced in a notice to the Fortran Interest Group* mailing list.

The suite includes:

  • coco - a Fortran preprocessor

  • convert - converts fixed form source to a free form source that is also fixed form

  • env2inc - prepares an include file for use with coco that contains information about the processor

  • f90aib - part of the moware suite that makes interface blocks from procedure source

  • f90ppr - a preprocessor and pretty-printer for Fortran source

  • f90split - splits multi-procedure Fortran source files into one-procedure, one-file

  • f90tops - writes Fortran source as postscript (for inclusion in a slide for a talk, for example)

  • ftnchek - checks Fortran 77 code for possible semantic errors

  • h2m - reads C language header files and writes a Fortran module containing the same information (allowing use of a library written in C from Fortran)

  • mkmf - a script that reads a directory of Fortran code and generates a makefile honoring dependencies

  • preconvert - repairs some non-standard source issues that convert has

  • to_f90 - a fixed form to free form source converter

To use ftools, first run module load ftools on Cheyenne.

*The Fortran Interest Group mailing list is managed by Dan Nagle, CISL Consulting Services Group software engineer and a member of the U.S. Fortran Standards Technical Committee. Individuals interested in joining the mailing list and participating in discussions should email the group.