Deadline: March 26, Large university requests for computing resources at NCAR

February 16, 2012

NCAR's Computational and Information Systems Laboratory (CISL) invites NSF-supported university researchers in the atmospheric, oceanic, and closely related sciences to submit large allocation requests for the forthcoming petascale Yellowstone system by March 26, 2012.

Revised instructions have been posted for the next round of Large University Allocations, and all requesters are strongly encouraged to review the information on the web site before preparing their submissions. These requests will be reviewed by the CISL High-performance computing Advisory Panel (CHAP), and there must be a direct linkage between the NSF award and the computational research being proposed. Please visit for more University Community allocation instructions and other allocation opportunities.

Allocations will be made on Yellowstone, a 1.5-Pflops IBM iDataPlex system, as well as the 11-PB GLADE disk resource, the new data analysis and visualization clusters, Geyser and Caldera, and the HPSS archive. Please see for more details.

For the much larger Yellowstone resource, the threshold for Small University Allocations will be 200,000 core-hours, so researchers with such needs can wait until small allocations on Yellowstone become available.

However, university researchers with NSF awards can apply for a Small University Allocation on Bluefire or Janus to obtain information on the resource requirements for their research and to test the computational efficiency of their code before applying for a Yellowstone allocation.

Questions may be addressed to David Hart, User Services Manager, at 303-497-1234 or