Cheyenne share queue operating with limited resources

August 13, 2018

8/9/2018 - The Cheyenne system’s share queue is operating with far fewer nodes available to it than normal. CISL is exploring a number of solutions with a priority of restoring the queue as soon as possible and minimizing disruptions to users. The time frame for resolving the issue is not yet known.

Until the issue is resolved users will experience a significant backlog of jobs submitted to the share queue. If job turnaround time in the share queue becomes untenable, users are advised to submit their jobs to one of Cheyenne’s other queues, such as the regular queue, as an interim workaround. Note that jobs that run in the non-shared queues are charged for full use of the nodes and therefore use more core-hours, but those jobs will likely execute sooner than in the share queue in its present state.