Changes planned to Cheyenne module environment

June 14, 2019

The Cheyenne module environment will undergo a number of significant changes following the system’s operating system update the week of June 24 - July 1. The planned changes are designed to better support multiple compiler and MPI configurations while providing a more robust and easier to maintain user environment.

The supported compiler and MPI versions will change when Cheyenne is restored to service. All versions of the Intel 2016 compiler will be removed. Versions 2017, 2018 (which will be the new default), and 2019 will remain available. The latest GNU 7, 8, and 9 compilers and PGI 19 will be installed as well.

MPT 2.19 will remain as Cheyenne’s default MPI and it will be available for all the above supported compilers. Intel MPI (module name impi) will be available for each of the supported Intel compilers and OpenMPI 3.1.4 will be available for the supported PGI and GNU compilers.

Further details on the module changes will be provided during the week of June 24.