Campaign Storage system now accessible with POSIX commands

July 3, 2019

Users can now execute familiar POSIX commands to manage their data holdings in the Campaign Storage file system by logging in to CISL’s data-access nodes. Previously, Campaign Storage files could be accessed only using Globus. 

The Campaign Storage file system is mounted on the data-access nodes as /glade/campaign to enable users to manage file and directory permissions and to facilitate transfers of small files to and from GLADE spaces such as /glade/scratch and /glade/work. CISL still recommends using Globus for all other data transfers for its reliability, robustness, performance, and ability to validate the correctness of transfers.

As part of the new capability, CISL has removed world read, write and execute permissions on all project-level directories, i.e. the directories directly beneath the NCAR Lab and university level,  to help protect them from unintended access. Contact to re-open permissions on the directories that you have the authority to do so.

The data-access nodes are intended for data transfers and lightweight tasks such as editing files. Tasks deemed to be consuming excessive resources on the nodes will be killed at the discretion of CISL system administrators.