Bluefire, Mirage/Storm files become read-only soon, Lynx home directory changing

March 4, 2013

The old GLADE file spaces mounted on Mirage/Storm with read/write access will be set to read-only mode on Monday, March 4, to prevent new data from being generated.

The file spaces will remain available read-only via the Mirage nodes through March 31. Users are responsible for moving files to new locations in the meantime.

The Storm cluster will be retired March 4.

Note these details regarding the various file spaces:

* /glade/home :: CISL will retain an off-line copy of the data in home directories for six months after March 31, during which period users will need to contact to access their files.

* /glade/scratch :: The current 30-day retention policy remain in effect. Files will continue to be removed 30 days after last access.

* /glade/user, /glade/proj2, /glade/proj3 :: Files in these spaces will be available until March 31. Users are responsible for migrating files they wish to retain.

On April 1, CISL will remove all remaining data in /glade/scratch, /glade/user, /glade/proj2, /glade/proj3. The service for transferring files will be turned off at the same time.

For information about how to migrate files to the Yellowstone GLADE file spaces, please see

Lynx users: Your home directory for Lynx will change on March 4. You are responsible for copying necessary files from your GLADE home directory to your new Lynx home directory. 

If you have questions about the transition, the schedule, or the new systems at NWSC, please contact