The Daily Bulletin

The CISL documentation of how to start Allinea DDT and MAP debugging and profiling jobs on Yellowstone has been revised. Running DDT and MAP now describes how to submit jobs using the Reverse Connect feature, a simpler alternative to launching jobs with the GUI interface. An existing job script needs only minor changes to work with Reverse Connect.

The updated section also advises MAP users to set the ALLINEA_DISASSEMBLE_INSTRUCTION_LIMIT variable to 200000 when they are profiling code that has large numbers of assembler instructions per function, such as CESM and WRF. Some users have reported issues recently with the default setting of 10000.

The CISL Consulting Services Group will present a 60-minute class at 9 a.m. MDT on Wednesday, May 18, to introduce participants to using the Yellowstone, Geyser, Caldera, GLADE, and HPSS systems.

Topics to be covered including logging in, working with environment modules, compiling code, use of file spaces, using the most appropriate job-submission queue, running batch jobs and interactive jobs, and archiving and transferring files using HPSS.     

You can register to attend in person—at the VisLab in NCAR’s Mesa Lab in Boulder—or via webcast by selecting a link below: