The Daily Bulletin

No Downtime: Yellowstone, Geyser_Caldera, HPSS, GLADE

Debugging and profiling packages and tools that were disabled recently because of a system issue have been re-enabled for Yellowstone, Geyser, and Caldera users. These include Allinea Forge (DDT, MAP), gdb, gprof, sprof and others. Thank you for your patience as the necessary patch was applied.

Following the best practices for working with NCAR/CISL supercomputing and data storage systems can help ensure efficient use of those resources as well as fair access for everyone in the user community. Not following some of them can result in users’ jobs being killed for monopolizing shared resources.

Configuring and scheduling jobs with certain guidelines in mind, sharing licenses, carefully managing allocations, and using recommended data-transfer tools are among the topics addressed on the CISL best practices documentation page. It’s good information for both new and experienced users.