What should we call our next supercomputer?

October 24, 2019

NCAR’s next supercomputer is slated to enter production early in 2022. The procurement process is moving right along, but this next-generation HPC system doesn’t have a name! We need your help coming up with something suitable.

Our goal is to select a name that reflects the value of the computational services we provide in support of our users' work in Earth system science. Our critically important services are among the core activities that enable NCAR to provide knowledge and information for the benefit of society, so it's worth giving some thought to what we will call this new system.

The best name will be easy to spell and pronounce, align with our mission, and inspire some strong visuals/graphics that can become the skins of the computer and even a logo we can use more generally. Suggestions should not conflict with other supercomputer names (e.g., Aurora at ANL, Frontier at ORNL), so you may want to check with Google that they aren't already being used somewhere else.

Submissions are due by Friday, November 22. You can suggest as many as three names. Please use this form to submit them:

What should we call our next supercomputer?

We look forward to seeing what you come up with.