Using the /glade/scratch filesystem on Bluefire/Lynx/DAV cluster

November 12, 2014

Users are encouraged to use the /glade/scratch filesystem cross-mounted on Bluefire, Lynx and DAV clusters (mirage/storm). Each user should be able to store files under the directory:


The files stored in /glade/scratch will remain there for 30 days from the time of last access. There is no quota limitation, but the total space available in this filesystem is 204TB. Therefore, if you delete the files you do not need it will help your fellow users to utilize the space freed by you. For more details of usage and policy of this filesystem you may look at:

Apart from the convenience of not having any quota limitation, there are a number of other reasons to start using the /glade/scratch filesystem now. We mention a few of the important ones:

(1) The NWSC supercomputer, successor of our current computing systems, is scheduled to be commissioned around the middle of next year. There will not be any /ptmp filesystem on the NWSC system but we plan to deploy scratch filesystems similar to the current one though much bigger in size. Therefore, this is an opportunity to modify your scripts and workflows to make use of this scratch filesystem to make the transition to the NWSC system smoother.

(2) Due to some incompatibility in software configuration we will have to decommission the bluefire /ptmp filesystem before we bring up the NWSC system. During this time bluefire, lynx and DAV cluster will remain operational but bluefire's /ptmp will not be available.

(3) We want to monitor the behavior of this filesystem under high usage and also want to receive your feedback about usage of this filesystem. This information would allow us to fine tune our configurations and policies.

Please feel free to contact CISL Helpdesk at 303-497-2400 for any issues or concerns.