Using Geyser, Caldera, and GLADE during Yellowstone recabling downtime

October 9, 2013

UPDATE: October 2

  • Geyser, Caldera, and GLADE have been returned to service.

When Geyser, Caldera, and GLADE become available as expected in a few days, users will need to log in to Geyser or Caldera directly to run analysis and visualization tasks until the Yellowstone login nodes are restored to service.

Rather than log in to Yellowstone as usual, follow one of these examples during this period:

  • ssh
  • ssh

Then, submit your jobs through the LSF scheduling system. Be sure to review the Geyser and Caldera documentation and revise job scripts accordingly. Keep in mind that the CPU architecture of the Yellowstone and Caldera clusters is different from that of the Geyser cluster. See Where to compile for more about the differences.

Accounting data related to these jobs will be delayed getting into the CISL Systems Accounting Manager (SAM) during the downtime.  Other SAM updates also will not be available (such as changes to user groups and projects). Requests for activation of new accounts will be fulfilled following the downtime.

Users who need to access files on GLADE via Globus Online can do so as soon as GLADE is available. Users who do not have access to HPSS from an NCAR divisional server will be able to read and write data to HPSS after logging in to Geyser or Caldera during the Yellowstone downtime.