Use rsync or cp commands to transfer files between GLADE scratch spaces

August 28, 2018

Correction 8/29/18 - GLADE users who have not already copied the files they need from /glade/scratch_old to the new, larger /glade/scratch space have until October 2 to do so following the recent changes to those spaces.

CISL recommends using rsync -av (or cp -rp) rather than Globus for copying data between GLADE spaces. This is because Globus does not preserve symbolic links that are common in working directories, and it does not create symbolic links on destination endpoints. Globus also does not preserve a file’s executable status.

To create an exact copy of /glade/scratch_old/$USER in the new /glade/scratch using rsync, execute the following commands:

cd  /glade/scratch_old/$USER
rsync -av  .  /glade/scratch/$USER

This web page shows how to run these commands in a batch script.

The /glade/scratch_old space is read-only, so users cannot delete files. The space is scheduled to be removed from the system on October 2.

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