Urgent: New limits to be set on Friday for GLADE project space

April 28, 2017

GLADE project space user quotas will be reset at noon MDT on Friday, April 28, to prevent the /glade/p space from hitting the 95% full mark again as it did earlier this week. If the file system reaches 95% full and a downtime and remount of the file system become necessary, some data may be lost.

To help ensure the file system’s stability and continued availability, users’ project space quotas will be set to  a level that accommodates their file holdings as of the morning of Wednesday, April 26. Jobs that run after the new quotas are established will fail if output is directed to project space that is at capacity.

Project space users are advised to immediately review their workflows so that job output is written to the recently expanded /glade/scratch file space rather than /glade/p. CISL also again advises users to delete files from project space that are no longer needed. The new quotas will remain in effect until early June when /glade/p is expanded with the old GLADE scratch disk.

Project space is not intended for use as a long-term data repository. Users who need to remove thousands or hundreds of thousands of files from a GLADE directory should review Removing large numbers of files for how to do that most efficiently.