Update on Cheyenne Status

August 13, 2019

CISL staff implemented several vendor-recommended changes on Cheyenne last Friday afternoon and system monitoring of user batch jobs over the weekend shows a significant reduction in the number of MPT launch errors after those updates.  CISL staff and vendor Level-3 support teams continue to aggressively work through remaining issues. Users are encouraged to resubmit any jobs that previously failed with MPT launch errors and report the status of those jobs to cislhelp@ucar.edu.

During a CESM polar tutorial this week with onsite attendees, we will repeat last week’s procedure of halting all standard queues; running jobs will finish and other submissions will remain queued until the tutorial hands-on sessions are finished for the day. This process will be invoked for roughly two hours on Monday morning, Tuesday afternoon, and Wednesday afternoon. Casper will remain fully available to all users throughout the week.