Temporary change on Tuesday to Cheyenne and Yellowstone login procedures

May 9, 2017

Users are asked to log in directly to individual login nodes when using the Cheyenne, Yellowstone, Geyser, and Caldera systems on Tuesday, May 9, while CISL makes changes to some critical infrastructure components. The changes are needed to improve the stability of these environments and will be done in a rotation so users will continue to have access and jobs can continue to run throughout the day.

Rather than log in with your normal procedures during the times below, use one of the node IDs shown in place of “cheyenne” or “yellowstone.”

8 a.m. to Noon MDT

Cheyenne - cheyenne1, cheyenne2 or cheyenne3

Yellowstone - Use yslogin1, yslogin2 or yslogin3


Noon to 5 p.m. MDT

Cheyenne — Use cheyenne4, cheyenne5 or cheyenne6

Yellowstone — Use yslogin4, yslogin5 or yslogin6