Rogue Wave Software expands University program in the America's for TotalView Parallel Debugger

November 12, 2012

Rogue Wave Software is offering an expanded "TVExpress Program" to students, post-docs and faculty members. This program provides a personal license for students until graduation and a 6-month license to post-docs and faculty at no charge. The intent is to reduce the time spent debugging on HPC systems by introducing "Parallel Debugging" into the software development process earlier. This offer is not meant to replace the need to debug at scale on HPC systems. The "personal license" runs on individual multicore workstations, laptops, and PCs running Mac OS or Linux.

Students, post-docs and faculty interested in applying the TotalView Parallel Debugger on their personal Linux workstation or Mac should email Dennis Andrews,, for more information. Students should include "TVExpress Student Program" in the subject title. Post-docs and Faculty should include "TVExpress Academic Research Program" in the subject title.