Reminder: Action required on HPSS data holdings

June 22, 2020

Users are reminded that the High Performance Storage System (HPSS) will reach its end of life and be decommissioned in 2021. HPSS file owners and project leads have been contacted and instructed on how to access lists of their files. The lists are updated weekly.

For reference, the lists can be found here:

  • /glade/work/csgteam/hpssreports/current/byusers/<userID>.data.gz
  • /glade/work/csgteam/hpssreports/current/byprojects/<projectID>.data.gz

Writing HPSS files is no longer possible, but users can perform most common metadata operations on their HPSS holdings, including deleting, renaming, and moving files. Those who have not already done so should begin moving their data to alternative storage systems and deleting files that are no longer needed.

Documentation and training are available on recommended processes for identifying and organizing HPSS holdings; copying files that need to be preserved to another storage resource; and deleting files that are no longer needed. 

Please contact CISL for advice on individual workflows and storage options.