Next steps in GLADE project and work space migration are scheduled for Tuesday, October 2

August 23, 2018

7/31/2018 - Some of the changes to the GLADE project and work spaces that were announced in July will take place on Tuesday, October 2, as part of the migration to CISL’s new storage architecture and user environment.

The /glade/p_old/ space will be made read-only. This means it will continue to be read-write two months longer than previously planned. It will be decommissioned December 31. (These and other scheduled updates to storage systems have been published in table format here.)

Users are asked to:

  • Migrate any files they still have on /glade/p_old/ or /glade/p_old/work to one of the new storage systems as soon as possible. CISL recommends moving active project data to /glade/p/<entity>/<project_code> where entity can be univ, uwyo, cesm, mmm, nsc, or other designated NCAR lab or special program.

  • Move project data that is not active but needs to be preserved to the Campaign Storage archive. Users access and manage their Campaign Storage files with Globus services.

  • Move files they need from their individual /glade/p_old/work/ directories to the new /glade/work.

  • Delete files from /glade/p_old/ and /glade/p_old/work once their transfers are complete and validated.   

Contact with questions or for help moving their files.