New HPSS error messages to indicate allocations are overspent

March 9, 2018

CISL will begin enforcing HPSS storage limits on April 2, as announced recently. Users are encouraged to check their allocation status and reduce their holdings if necessary before then to ensure that their transfer requests succeed. Users who attempt to write files to the archive when a project is overspent will receive one of two error messages indicating that the requested transfer has failed:

  • Output from an hsi command will include the string HPSS_EDQUOT.
  • Output from an htar command will include ERROR: Error -88.

If a transfer command is executed in a batch script, confirm that the transfer was completed successfully as described here: Confirming HPSS transfers.

A tutorial scheduled for March 14—Using and managing HPSS storage allocations—will provide additional guidance. Contact if you have questions or need assistance.