New command available for reporting Cheyenne job failures

October 24, 2018

A new lightweight, easy-to-use command is available for reporting Cheyenne job failures. The reportfailure command is intended for reporting failures that users suspect were caused by system issues such as node problems.

To report a suspected failure, from your Cheyenne command prompt enter reportfailure followed by a one-line description that includes the job ID. Here are two examples:

  • reportfailure  Job 1234567  MPT Warning, timeout with communication to r3i7n21

  • reportfailure  MPT: shepherd terminated:   JobID: 2705231

The command is not intended to be a substitute for opening ExtraView tickets and users will not receive a response. Rather, use of reportfailure will help CISL more quickly identify and respond to potential system issues. If you have questions about this, contact CISL at 303-497-2400 or