Misuse of Cheyenne login nodes hurts performance, results in killed jobs

February 22, 2018

Cheyenne users have increasingly been misusing the system’s login nodes by running intense computing, processing, file transfer, and compilation jobs from the command line on those nodes. This significantly slows response time for others and increases the difficulty of using the login nodes for their main purposes, which include logging in, editing scripts, and other processes that consume only modest resources.

As noted here, use of the login nodes is restricted to running processes that do not consume excessive resources in order to ensure an appropriate balance between user convenience and login node performance. As the situation has become acute recently, users who run jobs that consume excessive resources on the Cheyenne login nodes will have their jobs killed.

Users are encouraged to compile on the Cheyenne batch nodes or the Geyser or Caldera clusters, depending on where they want to run their programs. CISL provides the qcmd script for running CESM and WRF builds and other compiles in addition to compute jobs on batch nodes. Other resource-intensive work such as R and Python jobs that spawn hundreds of files can be run efficiently in the Cheyenne “share” queue. Large file transfers are best done using Globus.

Contact the Consulting Services Group for information if you need help using the Cheyenne batch queues or Globus, or if you would like to discuss what is meant by modest usage of the login nodes.