Mesa Lab GLADE and Mirage cluster retired, new scratch space renamed

April 11, 2013

The Mirage cluster and the GLADE resource at the Mesa Lab were taken down and retired on April 1, as announced previously. Files that remained in the Mesa Lab GLADE scratch and project spaces were removed and are no longer available.

Files that were in /glade/home were backed up and are being retained off-line for six (6) months. Users who need to access those files should contact

During the transition period, the new scratch space was identified as /glade/nwsc_scratch; it is now just /glade/scratch. If you still have “/glade/nwsc_scratch” in a script, you will need to change it to “/glade/scratch” to use the new space.

For more information regarding the new GLADE file spaces for Yellowstone users, see