Love Your Data (LYD) Week - Day 4 of 5: Finding the Right Data

February 10, 2017

By Sophie Hou, NCAR Data Curation & Stewardship Coordinator

Finding the right data can depend on many factors, including how the research questions are framed, i.e. the who, what, where, and when that the researchers and their collaborators would like to study.

Additionally, the determination of whether a dataset could be “right” for a research rely on the information that the original data producers and providers were able to document and make available as well as the information that the potential data users are able to access and understand.

Using metadata to document, describe, and define a research product/output, ensuring high quality (i.e. completeness, accuracy, credibility and consistency) of the product/output and its associated metadata, as well as archiving/preserving the product/output at a repository are all actions that could be taken by researchers and their collaborators to facilitate the correct matching of the research questions with the desired, appropriate products/output.

By helping NCAR Labs' results to be more “FAIR” (i.e. Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Re-usable) through the development and implementation of a search and discovery system and a general repository, the Data Stewardship Engineering Team is also looking to improve the amount of right data from NCAR that could be used to in a broad range of scientific studies.

To learn more about the upcoming DASH Search and Discovery system and the Repository, please check the Digital Asset Services Hub (DASH) website (updates will be provided over the next months) or contact us at This information is provided as part of the Love Your Data (LYD) Week 2017 series.