Holidays expected to be a good time for HPSS migration activity

December 9, 2019

Users looking to make strides in migrating their HPSS data holdings are encouraged to take advantage of an expected reduction in tape activity in the days surrounding Christmas and New Years. CISL storage engineers noticed a significant drop in HPSS demands during the Thanksgiving holiday break and expect a similar reduction late this month and in early January.

HPSS will be decommissioned on Oct 1, 2021, and the tape archives have limited bandwidth. Users who wait too long to migrate their HPSS data holdings to other spaces such as Campaign Storage may run out of time to migrate all of their data and it will be lost when the system is shut down.

Recently published documentation and this recent tutorial describe recommended processes for identifying and organizing HPSS holdings, copying files that need to be preserved to another storage resource, and deleting files that are no longer needed.

Please contact CISL for advice on individual workflows and storage options.