GLADE scratch space changes implemented

August 28, 2018

8/23/18 - Reminder: Changes to the GLADE scratch file system became effective during last week’s maintenance outage, as announced previously in the Daily Bulletin.

The file space that was named /glade/scratch before August 21 was moved to /glade/scratch_old and is now read-only. All files that were in /glade/scratch before August 21 can still be accessed in /glade/scratch_old.  No user files were deleted when the directory was renamed. The purge policy for files in /glade/scratch_old is 30 days and the space will be removed from the system on October 2.

The new and larger scratch file space that was named /glade/scratch_new before August 21 was renamed /glade/scratch. Users’ files were not copied from the old scratch space to the new scratch space. Therefore, active files that still remain in users’ old scratch spaces will need to be copied to their new scratch space for ongoing and longer-term access. Use the familiar Linux “cp” command for this or, alternatively, the more versatile “rsync” function.

Please see File system status and data storage archives for a quick but comprehensive overview of the status of the GLADE and archive resources.