GLADE project space 92% full, file deletions requested

The 10-PB GLADE project space (/glade/p) has reached the 92% full mark, and users are being asked to review their holdings and remove unnecessary files to ensure the file system’s stability and continued availability. With sufficient user cooperation, CISL can avoid taking other steps to ensure the system remains at a safe and usable level.

Project spaces are not intended as permanent storage, so files that are no longer needed should be deleted. Others that need to be retained for the long term but are not required for current work can be archived in HPSS. If the file system reaches 95% full and a downtime and remount of the file system become necessary, some data may be lost.

The recommended way to remove thousands or hundreds of thousands of files from a GLADE directory is by running a batch job on the Geyser cluster. See Removing large numbers of files for more information.