Fortran workshop files available on GLADE

September 15, 2017

Course material for a self-paced Fortran workshop is being made available on GLADE for easy access by Cheyenne users. Files for the Scalar Fortran portion of the workshop are ready now, to be followed by Array Fortran, Object-Oriented Fortran, and Parallel Fortran material.

Users are encouraged to copy the files from this directory to their own GLADE space, where they can read, compile, and execute the examples:


Taken in order, the examples show how definition and scope work in Fortran. Declarations, control flow, bit models, interacting with the operating system, input/output transfers, and formats are covered.

Those interested are encouraged to subscribe to the Fortran Interest Group mailing list for updates and to contact Dan Nagle in the CISL Consulting Services Group with questions or comments.