Default MPI version updated to MPT 2.16 on Cheyenne

March 8, 2019

As a result of this week’s upgrade to the InfiniBand switch firmware, MPT version 2.15 is no longer available and the default MPI on Cheyenne is now MPT 2.16. Users with scripts pointing to MPT 2.15 or executables that have been compiled against MPT 2.15 will need to move to a more recent version of MPT as soon as possible as those scripts and executables will likely fail.

The MPT versions currently available on Cheyenne are MPT 2.16, MPT 2.18, and MPT 2.19. CISL recommends that users move to MPT 2.18 or MPT 2.19 as HPE no longer supports MPT 2.16, which will likely be removed from Cheyenne later this year. MPT 2.19 was installed yesterday and the full system software stack will be filled out within the next couple of weeks.

If you need assistance with updating your scripts or executables with a newer MPI, please contact CISL help at or call 303-497-2400.