CISL transitioning to Service Desk ticket system for user support

September 4, 2019

CISL will transition to using the Jira Service Desk ticket system on Tuesday, October 1, to help users quickly find the information or assistance they need. Users of high-performance computing (HPC) systems and UCAR staff will get support through new “NCAR Research Computing” and “Staff Support” portals respectively.

NCAR Research Computing portal

Through the NCAR Research Computing portal, the CISL User Services Section and High-end Services Section will support staff and external HPC users who need help working with Cheyenne, Casper, and related data-storage systems such as GLADE and Campaign Storage.

Staff Support portal

UCAR staff who need support for enterprise IT services operated by CISL, as well as CISL personnel and NCAR directorate staff who need workstation support, will use the Staff Support portal. UCAR staff already use it to request help with UCAR IT services and business applications.

The new system features a friendly user interface, simple request forms, and knowledge base articles that answer common questions. It will replace the ExtraView ticketing system for all but a few internal purposes (including NETS requests that will still use Users will log in with their UCAR usernames and CIT passwords, but can continue to request help by emailing at this time. Those who do not have CIT passwords can request them by email or by calling 303-497-2400.

Additional information on implementation and training opportunities will be available soon.