CISL survey results highlight researchers’ CMIP6 data needs

June 28, 2018

Nearly all of the researchers who responded to the recent CISL survey about their CMIP6 plans expressed strong interest in using NCAR facilities such as the CMIP Analysis Platform to support their work. Of the 38 respondents, 95% said they were likely to very likely to use those resources.

Researchers were also asked to identify which DECK and CMIP6 historical simulations they anticipate needing for their work. The following shows what percentage of respondents selected each simulation:

  • 100% - Historical simulation using CMIP6 forcings (1850-2014)

  • 68.4% - Pre-industrial control simulation

  • 55.3% - AMIP simulation (~1979-2014)

  • 47.4% - 1%/yr CO2 increase

  • 36.8% - Abrupt 4xCO2 run

The survey also asked researchers to indicate which CMIP-endorsed MIPs they anticipate using. The most frequently selected were:

  • 36.8% - Cordex

  • 36.8% - HighResMIP

  • 28.9% - CMIP Coupled Climate Carbon Cycle MIP

  • 28.9% - RFMIP Radiative Forcing MIP

  • 28.9% - Scenario MIP

The results will help CISL prioritize the addition of CMIP6 data sets to the CMIP Analysis Platform. NCAR CMIP6 data products are expected to be available this summer. Estimated time frames for data from other modeling centers will be published when they become available.