CISL requesting FY2019 publications data for annual report

October 16, 2019

University project leads are being asked to submit their information about FY2019 publications based on the use of NCAR/CISL supercomputing, analysis, and storage resources. The annual survey was launched this week in emails to project leads, who are asked to respond no later than November 6.

The survey also asks for information on graduate students who have used these resources and it asks for feedback on various services CISL provides. This information contributes to the CISL Annual Report and helps demonstrate to the National Science Foundation (NSF) the impact and value of NCAR/CISL resources to our user community.

All users are reminded of the importance of acknowledging NCAR and CISL computing support in their research papers. This, too, helps ensure continued support from NSF and other sources of funding for future high-performance computing systems. It is also a requirement of receiving an allocation, as noted in award letters. The reporting requirements, how to cite your use of various systems, and recommended wording of acknowledgments can be found on this CISL web page. The content of citations and acknowledgments varies depending on the type of allocation that was awarded.