CISL adds qcmd script for launching resource-intensive compilation jobs

January 18, 2018

CISL has added a new script for Cheyenne users that simplifies the launching of resource-intensive compilation jobs on the system’s batch nodes. Running qcmd as shown in this new documentation starts a non-interactive job on a single batch node in the Cheyenne "regular" queue with a default wall-clock time of 1 hour. It is recommended for running resource-intensive tasks such as CESM and WRF builds or any compiles with three or more threads.

Reminder: Use of the Cheyenne login nodes, as noted here, is restricted to running processes that do not consume excessive resources. This is to ensure an appropriate balance between user convenience and login node performance. Users are encouraged to compile on the Cheyenne batch nodes or on the Geyser or Caldera clusters, depending on where they want to run their programs.